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Name:Mairi Matrix
Birthdate:Feb 28
Age: 01
Skin color: #00FFFF
Hair color: #003300
Eye color: #A13B00

NOTE: Sprites do not simply look like colourful humans. She looks computer-animated: too-smooth skin, hair that does not separate into strands, and no visible nostrils. Her skin feels plasticky and will always match the ambient temperature, as she has no body heat.

Organics will be unable to smell her, though they might smell any traces of matter on her. Do not attempt to eat her food; Happy Fun Electrocution Time will result, and you won't taste anything anyway. (courtesy [personal profile] a1enzo)


Mairi Matrix is a beta-version data sprite with aqua skin, dark green hair, and brown eyes. Bob and Dot's daughter, she can't remember a time when there were ever viruses in regular residence in Mainframe. Admittedly, at 01, she's only lived through her first week, and most of that was with rapid compilation that didn't allow a lot of room for memory storage.

More often than not, Mairi uses her keytool-powers to float along. Sure, standing and walking are less energy-intensive, but floating! There's a few other keytool abilities in her code, and she expresses them with the casualness of someone who's always had them.

[Disclaimer: Mairi Matrix is an original character, however her parents Dot Matrix and Bob and the ReBoot universe are the intellectual property of Mainframe Entertainment. This journal is for role playing purposes in [community profile] milliways_bar from which no profit is made.]

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